Perma Rite #15 in 1.3 oz and 5 oz size

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Perma Rite

The latest in permanent adhesives from OnRite. Perma Rite # 15 is an improvement on the Eurobond series of adhesives. It is similar in consistency and composition to other Eurobond products. Recent DHR trials show improved adhesion and longevity. Features DIRECTIONS: Prepare scalp. Must be clean and free of any oils. Apply THIN LAYER to the scalp and to the PU perimeter of the wig/hairpiece. Allow to dry clear. Apply a second thin layer to the perimeter of the scalp and allow to dry clear. Position graft from the front to back carefully. No wrinkles should be present. Press out any bubbles. Press hair graft firmly in place and let set for several minutes. Proceed to style hair. Do not exercise or wet head for 24 hours. Avoid perspiring during this time as well.