Perma Rite #14 in 1.3 oz and 5 oz sizes - Reverse Generation

Perma Rite #14 in 1.3 oz and 5 oz sizes

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Perma Rite #14 is a water based adhesive, easy to apply and very successful when used as a full head bonding in unison with lace and skin combinations The formula contains small polymer particles with 60% solid content, making it more water and heat resistant and bonds for a longer lasting hold up to 4 weeks. The unique combination of surgical grade materials exceeded all expectations when submitted for the patch test, which was conducted on more than 125 adults. Lasts longer - bond remains more secure for a longer time Water resistant - bond does not break down easily Heat resistant - bond does not change character Pliable - bond remains soft and comfortable after application Lasts longer - bond remains secure for a longer time Hypo-allergenic - Bond does not irate the skin In Addition, when the graft is removed, the bond will easily clean off by using Jorgen Amber. DIRECTIONS: Prepare scalp. Must be clean and free of any oils. Apply THIN LAYER to the scalp and to the PU perimeter of the wig/hairpiece. Allow to dry clear. Apply a second thin layer to the perimeter of the scalp and allow to dry clear. Position graft from the front to back carefully. No wrinkles should be present. Press out any bubbles. Press hair graft firmly in place and let set for several minutes. Proceed to style hair. Do not exercise or wet head for 24 hours. Avoid perspiring during this time as well.