Collection: Baco Kaaral

Is your hair dull and lifeless ? Has your color lost its shine?

Refresh it quickly and easily!


Keep hair color constantly regenerated! ColoRefresh is a concentration of rich, natural ingredients to keep hair in the best condition. Baco Kaaral only uses the finest organic ingredients in their innovative, nourishing, and color depositing Color Refresh line of conditioners. Keeps colors vibrant and glossy, while also penetrating the hair with moisturizing oils straight from mother nature.

Each formula contains rice proteinsmade up of Vitamin D, Calcium, Fiber, Iron, Potassium, Zinc and Magnesium, which act in synergy with all the active ingredients in the conditioner. They create a healthy cocktail for the hair; they close the cuticles, keep the color vibrant and make the hair look constantly radiant.